International Training

Oral cancer & Reconstruction

Oral cancer & Reconstruction

Apply via Email

International Dentist Training applications are received by email only.

Please email the documents listed below and your preferred training date to .


  • Dentists with clinical experience for 3 years or longer
  • Dentist who have completed their residency (mandatory)
  • Must be fluent in English AND Korean(for hands-on practice in outpatients clinic)
  • Must provide documentation of current immunizations (see “Required Documents”)

Application Periods

application period
PeriodStarting DateApplication Period
3 monthsEvery 1st day of a month4 months prior to
starting date
6 monthsMarch 1
(Previous Year)
October 1 ~ 30
September 1April 1 ~ 30
1 yearMarch 1(Previous Year)
October 1 ~ 30
September 1April 1 ~ 30

Required Documents

  • All documents must be translated in English and authorized.
    • English CV / Resume
    • Dentist License (with issue date)
    • Certificate of Residency completion (mandatory)
    • Proof of Employment (Past & Present : you must prove that you satisfy the qualifications stated above)
    • Copy of Passport
    • Self-portrait photo (Passport-type)
    • Immunization Form (Download)   See Guideline
    • (over 90 days) VISA Application Form  (Download)

Applicants of Medical Hands-on Practice

In order to participate in medical hands-on practice at our institution,

  • 1) The training department has to approve it beforehand.
  • 2) Your training period has to be longer than 6 months.
  • 3) You have to complete the SIF-PC course before your start your clinical training.
  • 4) After you complete the SIF-PC course, you have to participate in the clinical training as an observer for 2 months to apply for medical hands-on practice.
  • Proof of Employment : You must prove that your clinical experience is longer than 3 years AFTER your medical license is issued
  • Recommendation letter issued by a director of the government organization that is in charge of issuing your medical license (MOH or institutions within or affiliated to MOH) Sample Download

The recommendation letter has to include the following :

  • 1) A stamp or signature of the director of a government organization
  • 2) Your full name
  • 3) Your medical license number
  • 4) Your date of birth
  • 5) Your clinical experience
  • 6) Expected training area at Severance (Your major, Training department and Hospital at Severance, Scope of Training or specific title of your sub-specialty)
  • URL of the English webiste of the university where you received your medical degree
  • Both original and authorized English translation of the curriculum, syllabus of the major courses you took, school regulations that include information on admission, special courses etc., and guidebook that includes information of your school's faculty and environment of clinical practice

Approval Process

  1. Application of International Scholars
  2. Review of Application Documents
  3. Interview (Skype or email) 
  4. Approval Announcement
  5. VISA Application (if applicable) & Verification of immunization status (mandatory)
  6. Payment of Training fee (2 weeks prior to starting date)
  7. Arrival to Korea & Beginning of Training


[Postal Address]

Severance Academy, 5th floor of Central Administration Building (Funeral hall building) 50-1, Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-Gu, Seoul 03722, Korea