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Q. Is the immunization verification form mandatory?

Yes, the form must be completely filled out and conform with the guideline.
If certain vaccines are not available in your country, you must get vaccinated in Korea before your fellowship begins. 

You may get it done at the International Healthcare Center of Severance Hospital, and you must afford all costs.

Q. What is the process of visa issuance?

1) C-3-1
After all necessary documents are completely submitted, the following will be issued:

  • letter of guarantee
  • acceptance letter
  • business registration certificate.

Please take them to the Korean embassy/consulate and apply for a C-3-1 visa.

We strongly suggest you to inquire the Korean embassy/consulate for accurate information on the mandatory documents for application before your visit, since the requirements may differ between countries.

2) D-4-2

After all necessary documents are completely submitted, Severance Academy will go through the paperwork that needs to be done by the hospital and apply for your visa approval at the immigration office.

When the office notifies that the approval is made, you will receive a number for confirmation of visa issuance. The notification from the office will be made within 2 weeks of the application.

You must acquire the D-4 visa at the Korean embassy/consulate in your home country with this number. This will also take some time; it depends on the workload of the embassy/consulate you apply at.

For more details about Korean VISA, please visit the below Hi Korea website :

Q. What is the next step after acquiring the visa?

Please make your payment 2 weeks prior to the first date of your fellowship.

  • Bank name : Woori Bank, Yonsei Branch (우리은행)
  • Bank account number : 001 020 697 61010
  • Swift Code : HVBKKRSEXXX
  • Name of receiving account holder : Yonsei University Health System (연세의료원)
  • Bank Address: 50-1, Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul, 03722, Rep. of KOREA

Q. What should I bring on my first day?

Please bring 40,000 KRW in cash for the Severance white coat rental.
This deposit will be given back when you return the coat to Severance Academy.

Q. Is the SIF-PC mandatory?

It is mandatory for applicants who wish to be granted permission for limited hands on medical practice during their fellowship.
If you applied for an observership program, it is optional. You may choose to take the course for learning purposes.

Q. What are the conditions for waiver?

[Candidates for Discount & Waiver]

  • 1) International scholars who visited Severance for training before
  • 2) Current international scholars at Severance (including KHIDI Fellowship, Lee Jong-wook Fellowship, Avison Fellowship, Project Avison 10x10 etc.)
  • 3) International scholars from institutions that signed a MOU agreement with Severance (or Yonsei University Health System)
  • 4) International scholars with a recommendation from a professor or an international trainee at Severance
  • 5) International scholars who submit a letter of discount or waiver request issued by their working institution
  • 6) International scholars who individually submit their study plan and letter of statement

Q. Can I wear a hijab in the operating room?

We respect everyone’s religious beliefs and do not have any intension to stand against it. However, everyone must abide by the dress code guidelines of the hospital in order to prevent infection. Therefore any clothes that have been worn outside the OR must not show outside of the scrubs. Additionally, all of your hair and both ears must be covered when wearing the surgical cap (Including beard, sideburns, and hair around the neck area). If you use your own scrub caps, you must wash them every day.

Q. If my SIF training period is 6 months and I want to apply for hands-on practice, can I perform hands-on practice for full 6 months?

No, you first have to complete the 3-months pre-training first. The contents of the first 4-weeks pre-training is consisted of : Introduction to Korean Healthcare System and Korean Culture, and Hospital Management etc. 

After that, you have to participate in the clinical pre-training for 2 months, which is an observation program in the clinical departments. Only after that can you apply for the hands-on practice to the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea. 

In addition, it takes about 20~30 days until your official permission for hands-on practice. So you cannot do any kind of hands-on practice during the first 4 months.

Therefore, if you stay in Korea for 6 months, the actual period of your hands-on practice permission will be 2 months. 

Please consider these conditions before you apply for your training period.