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          Yonsei Institute for Global Health
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Prof. Yong-Beom Park, M.D.,Ph.D.

Director, Yonsei Institute for Global Health


Welcome to Yonsei Institute for Global Health website. 

With the honorable achievements and efforts, Yonsei University Health System pursues to be the world No.1 leader of medical treatment and patient care. At the same time, our institute will also continuously spread our knowledge and experience to the international society in the field of healthcare and medical service.

In order to fulfill our mission, YIGH commits to accomplish the visions as below.

  1. (Medical Mission) To allow all staffs, alumni, students feel connected as one spiritual community, we continue to operate various medical missionary services to medically less sophisticated regions and countries and train professional medical missionaries.

  2. (Education) To contribute to the mission of YUHS by establishing a superior system that fosters creative and collaborative professionals following the core values of YUHS.

  3. (Unification & Health) To contribute to the unification of the Korean peninsula by practicing research, education, cooperative projects that helps to improve health of North and South Korean citizens.

  4. (Global Development) To guarantee universal health and improve health inequalities throughout the world through international cooperation activities.

Each center fulfills the mission of YIGH by intimately communicating and collaborating and establishing a original Severance system based on their professional knowledge and experience.


  •  42  Countries 
  •  812  People 
  •  32  Education / Training Projects 
  •  26  Social Contribution Projects 
  •  22  ODA Projects 
  •  6  Cooperation Projects 
Bhutan North Korea Zimbabwe Hong Kong Senegal Niheria Pakistan Kyrgyz Kazakhstan Cambodia Thailand Afghanistan Ukraine Tanzania Bahrain Madagascar Vietnam Maldives Nepal Saudi Arabia Romania Oman El Salvador Singapore Ethiopia Bosnia Mozambique Chechnya Honduras Kuwait Bangladesh China Cote d'Ivoire India Uzbekistan Mongolia Kenya Philippines Bolivia Ghana Iran Malaysia
* YIGH International Projects of 2014 ~ 2020

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