International Training

Severance International Fellowship - Prime Course

Severance International Fellowship - Prime Course


Severance International Fellowship – Prime Course is a pre-training program that aims to expand clinical experience and skills for clinical research and statistics of international scholars. The course will mainly include introductory lectures about the Korean healthcare system, hospital management, and also practice sessions for research projects done in groups or individuals.
The instructors are consisted of professors at Yonsei University College of Medicine, Graduate School of Public Health and other specialists of diverse medical fields, who are professionals in various study fields : global health, health statistics, clinical research methodology, hospital business & management etc.

Potential Candidates​

  • Physicians who want to get permission for medical hands-on practice :This course is mandatory if you want to do hands-on practice in Korea. You have to acquire permission from the Korea Ministry of Health & Welfare to do so. Otherwise, you are only allowed to train as an observer.
  • All international scholars who are interested in gaining experience and knowledge related to clinical research & statistics are welcome to apply.
  • This course is open to scholars who are training or planning to train in other medical institutions within Korea.
  • This course is only open to international physicians who reside in Korea during the whole course. Participation through Zoom or other kinds of video conference programs in your own country is not available.


  • A. Requirements to get permission for medical hands-on practice
    • 1) The total training period at Severance Hospital must be longer than 6 months (If you are training or planning to train in another hospital, please inquire before applying).
    • 2) Your clinical experience must be 3 years or longer AFTER acquiring your medical license.
  • Even if you meet the above conditions, the training professor or department can limit or disapprove your hands-on practice for patient safety reasons.

  • B. Required Documents for all applicants : All documents must be in ENGLISH
    • 1) English CV
    • 2) Copy of Medical Doctor's License (if applicable, also your Certificate of Specialty)
    • 3) Proof of Employment (Current and Past, proof that your clinical experience is 3 years or longer)
  • C. Required Documents for hands-on practice applicants :
    • 1) Copy of Passport : must be valid for more than 6 months from the hands-on practice application date
    • 2) Recommendation Letter Sample Download
      It must include a signature or stamp of a government organization director from your country(Ministry of Health or the government organization that is in charge of issuing your medical license), your name, your medical license number, date of birth, period of clinical experience, and details of your training in Korea.

      The government organization must be in charge of issuing your medical license. ex) Ministry of Health, Medical Council. Hospitals run by a government is NOT applicable.

    • 3) Proof of Employment (3 years or above) : Official documents in English that proves that your clinical experience is longer than 3 years
    • 4) The following documents to provide information of the school where you achieved the primary medical degree from:
    •       1. Copy of primary medical degree certificate
      2. Both original version and authorized English translations of:
         -Syllabus of the major courses you took
         -School regulations that includes information on admission, special courses, etc.
         -Guidebook that includes information on the school’s faculty and environment of clinical practice