International Training



Severance International Fellowship(SIF) is a training program open for all medical specialists around the world. We mainly invite physicians who want to gain clinical experience at Severance Hospital. We also welcome other healthcare-related specialists, such as dentists, nurses, medical technicians, and hospital administrators. The trainees can get involved not only in clinical procedures at Severance Hospital, but can also participate in research projects with Yonsei faculties with plenty of resources provided by Yonsei University College of Medicine.
Visiting Clerkship Program(VCP) is open for medical students enrolled in medical universities or colleges outside of Korea. Medical students who participate in VCP can gain clinical knowledge and experience at Severance Hospital for 2~4 weeks in multiple clinical departments.
The annual average number of international trainees visiting us is above 300. During 2017~2019, 881 trainees visited Yonsei University Health System.

If you are looking for a place where you can develop your professional capability in the medical field, Yonsei University Health Sytem is where you can achieve your goal.zoom in

Who is Eligible?

All international trainees have to satisfy the below conditions :

  1. You must be fluent in either English or Korean. You have to be able to communicate freely using professional terms of your specialty.
  2. You must provide documentation of your current immunization status using this form.

* TBD : To Be Determined


  • Medical license or certficate of specialty is mandatory.
  • Minimum 3 years of clinical experience is mandatory if you want to apply for medical hands-on practice


  • Nursing license is mandatory.
  • Minimum 3 years of clinical experience


  • Dental license is mandatory.

Medical Technician(TBD)

  • Proof of qualification(license etc.) is mandatory.
  • Minimum 3 years of working experience related to the qualified area

Hospital Administrator(TBD)

  • Proof of Employment at a medical institution or hospital

Student (VCP)

  • Enrolled in medical college or graduate school OUTSIDE Korea
  • Accomplished prerequisite core clerkships in home institution
    • Medical college with 4-year curriculum : junior or above
    • Medical college with 6-year curriculum : 4th year or above