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Yonsei University has been pursuing the best knowledge through education and research actively serving humanity and participating in society.

Center for Global Development at Yonsei University contributes to the international community through transferring the acquired knowledge to Global Development Projects.

The Center for Global Development is about to move on to the stage of implementing the sustainable development goals (SDGs) both at national and international level.

Through this process, we look forward to making further contribution realizing the value of Yonsei for the bright future of all mankind.

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Center for International Development
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[Center for Global Development] The 33th Global Development Seminar
제중원보건개발원 23.06.16 조회수수 143
제중원보건개발원 23.06.16 143
[Center for Global Development] The 32th Global Development Seminar
제중원보건개발원 23.05.17 조회수수 109
제중원보건개발원 23.05.17 109
[Center for Global Development] The 31th Global Development Seminar
제중원보건개발원 23.04.18 조회수수 106
제중원보건개발원 23.04.18 106
[Center for Global Development] The 30th Global Development Seminar
제중원보건개발원 23.03.28 조회수수 115
제중원보건개발원 23.03.28 115
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