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Medical Mission Center

  • Avison International FellowshipAIF grants medical personnel with professional training in Yonsei University Health System, Korea. The fellowship duration varies from three months to one year. Since 1993, more than 260 fellows from 22 countries have been awarded with the Fellowship.

  • Project Avison 10X10This provides ongoing personal mentorship and professional training from when he/she is a student until he/she becomes a teacher. We select 10 students per year for 10 years from the global partnering institutions. The professional training is done in Korea three times per person: (1) four weeks as a student, (2) 3~6 months as a resident, (3) one year as a teacher.

  • Yonsei Global Health Leadership CourseThis course is to equip students with practical knowledge and experience on the need and the work in current global health issues. We also encourage the students to design and work in small projects for their neighbors. Currently, this is a one-year course and invites students from Mongolia, Vietnam, Cambodia and Korea.

  • PCUSA-SEVERANCE Professional Development AwardWith PCUSA(Presbyterian Church U.S.A.), the fellows of Avison International Fellowship are granted with professional books of their choice.

  • Faculties in MissionFaculty members of YUHS go and work in the global partnering institutions. Duration of this program varies from one week to several years. YUHS gives him/her a title of Avison Mission professor when he/she works for years-long.

  • Students in MissionKorean medical, dental, and nursing students can participate in elective courses in the medical mission, the mission survey program, and the service learning programs in Kenya, Morocco, Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Mongolia and India.