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Office of International Relations


As one of the top hospitals in Korea, Severance Hospital provides world-best quality and service in the medical field. Severance is always willing to transfer their knowledge and technology to international medical specialists. Professionally systemized training programs, subtle supporting system, the newest facilities and techonology, and globally recognized specialists of Yonsei University and Severance Hospital will make your training experience more splendid.

“I am very impressed of all the elaborate
surgical techniques of professors and
fellows of Severance. Best teamwork ever!”

Mykola Zubaryev (Traning Doctor, Year of 2018-2019)
Division of Colorectal Surgery
Severance Observership Training Program

“I would love to share the knowledge
and experience that I have gained
at Severance to the students
and colleagues back in my country.”

Mariam M. Alqurashi (Fellow, Year of 2018-2019)
Division of Breast Surgery
Korea Medical Training Program – Saudi Arabia