International Training

Severance International Fellowship - Prime Course

Severance International Fellowship - Prime Course

Tuition Fee : $3,000 / 4 weeks

  • A. Physicians who want to apply for medical hands-on practice must take the full 4-week course.
  • B. All other international scholars who want to participate partially can choose from the following :
    • "Health Statistics" (2 weeks) : $1,000
    • “Clinical Research Methodology" (2 weeks) : $1,500
    • "Health Statistics" + "Clinical Research Methodology" (2 weeks) : $2,000
  • C. Discounts & Waivers are provided after consideration. You have to submit a study plan or a letter of statement. The result will be sent to your email.
  •       [Candidates for Discount & Waiver]
    • International scholars who visited Severance for training before
    • Current international scholars at Severance (including KHIDI Fellowship, Lee Jong-wook Fellowship, Avison Fellowship, Project Avison 10x10 etc.)
    • International scholars from institutions that signed a MOU agreement with Severance (or Yonsei University Health System)
    • International scholars with a recommendation from a professor or an international trainee at Severance
    • International scholars who submit a letter of discount or waiver request issued by their working institution

Application Guidelines

  • [Applicants for Hands-on Medical Practice]
    If you apply for the clinical training through the “Application” menu on this website, you will choose between observation and medical hands-on practice. If you choose “hands-on medical practice,” you will be automatically registered for the SIF-PC course, so you don’t need to apply for the course separately.
    Please note that your application for medical hands-on practice can be denied, due to the excessive number of applicants at the same time.
  • [Other applicants]
    If you wish to take part of the course partially, or want to take the full course just for your personal career without applying for the medical hands-on practice, we will update the application guidelines in the “Notice” menu of this website.

All correspondence about SIF participation must be with the International Office Coordinator directly. Even if the department has said they can take an international fellow, departments may be unaware of the actual availability.

  • The guidelines above are subject to change due to unexpected circumstances, such as the COVID-19 situation etc.