International Training

Tropical Medicine & Molecular Parasitology, Immunoparasitology

Tropical Medicine & Molecular Parasitology, Immunoparasitology

Severance International Fellowship (SIF)

Severance International Fellowship (SIF) is open to foreign physicians, dentists, nurses, medical technicians, or hospital administrators who wish to experience clinical care, operative procedures, and participate in research activities at Severance Hospital(Sinchon) Seoul, Korea. This program builds on the hospital’s long legacy and mission to educate future clinical leaders in healthcare and ultimately reducing health inequalities in the global society.

Common Requirements

  1. All foreign trainees have to be eligible to enter Korea without violating Article 11(Prohibition, etc. of Entry) of the Immigration Act of the Republic of Korea.

  2. All foreign trainees have to be enough fluent in English or Korean to participate in the training. Trainees have to be not only able to do daily conversation, but also have to understand and be able to listen, read, write, and speak about their professional specialty area in English or Korean. Severance Academy might request official proof of the trainee's language proficiency if necessary. Interpretations are NOT available.

  3. All foreign trainees have to be registered as trainees in Severance Academy, mainly by applying online at this homepage. (Email applications are not recommended.)

  4. All foreign trainees have to submit a immunization form that asks for proof of vaccination or antibody test results for specific diseases designated by Severance Hospital. Please download the form here.

Tropical Medicine & Molecular Parasitology, Immunoparasitology Training

The Environmental Medical Biology Training Program aims to provide international physicians rich knowledge and experience of various cases and in-depth education related to parasitic protozoology and medical entomology. Fellows will mainly participate in research activities and experiments and will have chances to present and publish their experiment results in meetings or conferences under the supervision of professors. 

There are 3 main topics that will be dealt during your training period : Tropical medicine, molecular parasitology, and immunoparasitology. You will choose 1 specific sub-specialty that you would like to focus on for your research and will receive an official ‘Parasitology and Tropical Medicine Program’ Certificate.

You will be spending a lot of time in the laboratories located in Yonsei University College of Medicine or Avison Biomedical Research Center.


1. Certificate

All participants of our SIF program will receive a certificate of completion at the end of the training. The certificate will be issued by the President & CEO of Yonsei University Health System.

2. Alumni Network & Gatherings (to be determined)

Severance Academy operates various SNS or online communities, where you can communicate freely with other international trainees who were in Severance before or will be training soon. You can get help from other physicians or medical staffs before you come to Korea and get some useful tips including their training experience, accommodations, good restaurants near the hospital etc. We will also update the newest news of Severance regularly at this homepage. Severance Academy will also host offline gatherings exclusive for international trainees, or invite you to official events hosted by Severance Hospital or governement institutions.