International Training

Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology

Arrhythmia and Electrophysiology

Clinical Procedures

  1. Electrophysiology study and catheter ablation of paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia
  2. Atrial fibrillation/flutter
  3. Ventricular tachycardia
  4. Implantation of pacemaker
  5. ICD
  6. CRT etc.

Research training

You will have opportunities to get involved in research activities. We have tremendous resources, including extensive procedural databases, statistics, and access to the medical library and e-journals.

With guidance of your faculty mentor, you will pursue short or long-term projects and submit abstract to domestic or international meetings. You will also be able to publish highly recognized surgical journals with the cooperation with faculties, Korean and international fellows.

Academic Activities

Trainees will be able to participate in :

1. EGM Conference every Thursday 7am

2. CIED Conference every 4th Wednesday 5pm

3. Annual Scientific Session of the Korean Heart Rhythm Society (June, 3 days)

Hands-on Medical Practice

Physicians who train at Severance for 6 months or longer can gain more experience by participating in hands-on medical practice. The scope of hands-on medical practice is strictly regulated under the Korean Medical Law Article 27 paragraph (1) of the Medical Service Act and Article 18 subparagraph 2 of the Enforcement Rule of the same act. Every doctor who wants to get approval for medical hands-on practice has to officially apply for the permission of Korea Ministry of Health and Welfare through Severance Academy.

Please read carefully the following instructions :

  1. Applicant(physician) must possess a medical license from a foreign country and have minimum 3 years of clinical experience AFTER acquiring his/her medical license or certificate of specialty.

  2. The Physician must have a letter of recommendation issued by the trainee’s government organization that is in charge of issuing the medical license or certificate of specialty.
[Application Process]
  1. Trainees must complete a 3-months pre-training course before application.
    • 1) The 1-month education program is focused on Korean language, culture, and healthcare system.
           The 2-months are consisted of clinical observation at Severance Hospital.
    • 2) The 1-month education program can be completed by participating in the SIF-PC course provided by Severance Academy.
  2. The application result will be noticed within 20 days after application.

(However, if the Ministry of Health and Welfare in Korea requests for revision or additional documents, the preparation period will not be counted as the 20-days reviewing period.)

[Practice Conditions]
  1. Every hands-on practice shall be done under the supervision of designated training professors. Medical practice performed by a trainee him- or herself is strictly prohibited.

  2. Hands-on practice is only allowed within Severance Hospital.

  3. An informed consent from a patient is necessary before practice.

  4. The scope of hands-on practice shall be approved by the General Director of Severance Hospital before performing it.
  • Please refer to the Notification for more details : Download
  • Recommendation Letter Sample : Download

Training Duration and Activities

table for Training Duration and Activities
DurationObservationHands-on PracticeLectureResearchConference & Seminar
6 monthsOOO
1 yearOO OOO
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Hands-on Practice is allowed ONLY after the permission of Korea MOHW.

All activities and schedule are subject to change according to department schedule.