International Training

Spinal Neurosurgery(Gangnam)

Spinal Neurosurgery(Gangnam)

Clinical Procedures

Trainees will be able to participate in :

• Conventional discectomy & fusion surgery

• Minimal invasive surgery

• Spinal cord tumor resection

• Spinal deformity correction

• Trauma surgery

• O-arm navigation assisted surgery

Academic Activities

Trainees will be able to participate in :

1. Annual Korean Neurosurgical society conference (international) (October, 3 days)

2. Weekly Journal conference (Monday, 7:00 AM)

3. Weekly Case conference with four hospitals (Tuesday, 7:00 AM)

4. Weekly NS-Radiology conference (Wednesday, 7:00 AM)

5. Weekly Deformity conference (with Sinchon Severance Hospital) (Thursday, 7:00 AM)

6. Weekly Research conference (Friday, 7:00 AM)

Training Duration and Activities

table for Training Duration and Activities
DurationObservationHands-on PracticeLectureResearchConference & SeminarRobot Training
6 monthsOO
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Hands-on Practice is allowed ONLY after the permission of Korea MOHW.

All activities and schedule are subject to change according to department schedule.