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Capacity Building Program for Establishment of Integrated Infectious Diseases Management in Uzbekistan

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  • Writer Center for Global Development
  • Date 21.11.12

From November 8th to November 25th, a capacity building program for health policy managers and specialists will be conducted at the Hilton Hotel in Uzbekistan. This project was originally planned to invite Uzbekistan's infectious disease management officials to Korea for about two months of training, but due to COVID-19, the movement between the two countries was restricted. So the training was organized into video lectures and workshops in Uzbekistan.



The Uzbek capacity building program targets national infectious disease policy managers and infectious disease management specialists. The goal is to introduce the current status and system of infectious disease management in Korea and share strategies for responding to infectious diseases. And finally establishing Uzbekistan's infectious disease management strategy, Action Plan.



Online training runs for eight days from November 8th to 17th. Lectures will be held on the subject of epidemiology and surveillance systems for infectious diseases, diagnosis and laboratory capabilities and treatment of infectious diseases. In addition, real-time Q&A and quizzes are scheduled after each video lecture.


Workshop runs for seven days from November 18 to 26. The action plan will be established based on the information through online training, and the instructors will provide feedback in real time. In addition, the best group of Action Plan will be selected and awarded.

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